Air Waste Separation Technology

Our air separators are used to separate and isolate the light fraction during the segregation phase of the recycling process. Thanks to its innovative design and high efficiency it often replaces manual sorting and contribute in reducing significantly the segregation costs. Air separators are designed to work with mixed and selective municipal waste, RDF, construction waste, biomass and industrial waste such as rubber, plastics and other. The material to be segregated is delivered to the separator chamber by means of an accelerating conveyor, from which it 'falls' into the zone of reach of the air stream injected through the nozzle. Light elements lifted by a momentum of air are sent directly to the light-weight conveyor, and the heavy elements passing through the air flow fall as a heavy fraction onto the heavy fraction conveyor.




• Material delivery system operated by an accelerating conveyor;

• Distribution system ensuring optimal separation of the light fraction from the heavy (inert) fractions;

• Light fraction collection system carried out by the lightweight delivery conveyor;

• Air extraction system ( adapted to work with solid dried municipal waste containing significant amounts of organic dust);

• Distribution system with adjustable settings of the height of the air blow nozzle and its angle of blowing.