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Metal grinding and deburring

Often, after cutting with a laser, plasma, extruder or guillotine, a sharp edge remains on the cut surfaces of the elements which require further treatment.
To meet the quality requirements of our customers, we offer deburring, grinding and rounding of both external and internal edges for elements made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. For this purpose, we use specialized machines from leading manufacturers.

Workpiece processing is entirely adapted to the needs of the customer, machines have the ability to work from above, below or from above and below in one pass.

Technical Possibilities

• Blunting the edge of the detail,
• Rounding the edges of the detail,
• Deburring,
• Giving directional grinding,
• Removing oxides from the side of the detail,
• Material preparation
• Removing scale


Working width  600 mm
Workpiece thickness from  0.5 to 160 mm
Accuracy  0.1 mm

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