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CNC plasma and gas cutting

At Protechnika plasma and gas cutting is carried out by Stigal Pro Master 3d, the fastest and largest CNC plasma and oxygen cutter. Equipped with a 3D head, it allows cutting pipes and sheets with a maximum thickness of 70 mm with a plasma torch and up to 300 mm when machining with an oxygen torch. Qualified staff and professional software allow us to use the cut material efficiently and to complete orders quickly, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Spectrum of cutting possibilities

• Oxygen cut cutting range  20-300 mm
• Plasma cutting range (with puncture)  1-60 mm
• Precise plasma routing and scoring.
• Bevelling of plates 0 - 45°


• Working width  2000 mm
• Working length  6000 mm
• Traveling speed  45 m/min
• Dock. Positioning  +/- 0.05mm
• Max. Sheet thickness / Cutting  300 mm


• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Aluminum
• Copper
• Brass

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