At Protechnika, we provide a wide range of services including equipment design and manufacturing, installation, and service. We know that having the right equipment can make all the difference. We design and install recycling and waste handling equipment for customers ranging from small-volume waste processing to massive material recovery facilities. We help you so you can employ the most cost-effective and efficient equipment to manage your recyclables and increase your capital.

Alternative Fuel Production

Industrial waste / Kom Eko / Lublin


Processing capacity 10t/h



Conveying System

PT 33-14-L material feeding chain conveyor

- PT 22-08-P lifting conveyor to disk screen 

- PT 22-12-P post disk screen conveyor 

- PT 22-08-P heavy fraction conveyor

- PT 21-14-P lifting conveyor to air separator

- PT 22-08-L post shredding conveyor with supporting structure  

- PT 21-08-P lifting conveyor

- PT 21-08-P Feeding conveyor to warehouse


- 2x Magnetic Separators

RDF drying installation

Waste Management Centre / Gać


Minimum capacity of 1200 kg / h of RDF

input humidity level about 38% 

output humidity max level 24%



- Power 160kW

- Driven by 32 NORD motoreduktor

- 17 drives controlled by inverters

- about 40 sensors, including laser level sensors, anemometers, thermometers, pressure sensors.

Plastic Processing Line

Plastic packaging / Pos-Plastic / Siedlce


Processing capacity of 1t/h 



- Belt conveyor feeding the raw material (1.5 kW) 

Belt feeder with magnetic rollers (1.5 kW)
- Overband magnetic separator (0.75kW)

- Belt Conveyor (1.5kW)

- Knife Mill MV 400-900 (75kW)

- Fan feeding the raw material to the silo

- Screw conveyor - milled plastic from silo (2.2kW)

- Big Bag Loading station

Municipal Solid Waste

Waste Disposal and Segregation Centre / Kedzierzyn-Kozle


Processing capacity of 20t/h 



Waste Loading Line

- Waste Bag Opener RW 13-30


Size loading line

- Feeding table FT 2.5-4

- Disc Screen SD1400/5.0

Oversized fraction line

- Air Separator SP 1500

Baling Line

- Hydraulic Horizontal Baler APK80

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