Solid Shredded Waste Dryer (MSW / RDF)

Recycling and energy recovery from waste and biomass are more and more important in waste management as well as global energy supply. Our low temperature Belt Waste Dryer is ideal for the pre-treatment of RDF, SRF, Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass and Sewage sludge. The air recirculating system as well as the possibility to generate the heat required from Biomass considerable reduce operating cost and carbon footprint.




• Components are built using galvanized and acid-resistant steel;

• The Belt Dryer can be installed indoors and/or outdoors;

• The drying chamber is insulated with mineral wool to ensure protection against heat loss;

• Designed in modules (sections); 

• The reticulated plastic belt net also act as an exhaust air filter;

• Automatic regulation of the belt speed, and manual control of belt tension;

• Adjustable height of the material layer on the drying belt - 40-140 [mm];

The automation system device allows for the measurement data:

• Min and max layer in the feeder;

• Height and even distribution of the material on the drying belt;

• Moisture content of the input and output material;

• The confluence of the tape;

• Flow and intake air temperature;

• Discharge air temperature.


The input material is introduced directly into the hopper (a belt conveyor is required for continuous feeding). Transport screws evenly distribute the material on the drying belt. Inside the drying chamber the material is exposed to heated air (active movement of the suction of warm air, at 60° C, generated by the heat generator/ exchanger). The air recirculation process is generated by warm air introduced from the top and air extraction fans from the tape on the side of the chamber. In the middle of the drying chamber a mixer3 ensures that the layer of material is evenly dried (manual height adjustment and speed control).